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The Intersection of Burnout, Customer Dissatisfaction, and Recruitment Problems: What Are You Doing About It as We Enter a New Year?

Dec 30, 2021

I recently conducted an informal poll with health and mental health leaders and clinicians to ask them, “What’s Keeping You Up at Night?”

The responses were far from surprising.

  1. Recruitment problems.  We can’t hire enough people.  It’s impossible to find qualified team members fast enough.
  2. Burnout.  I don’t enjoy my job.  I am exhausted.  My colleagues feel the same way.  Work that used to fulfill me is draining.
  3. Our customers, (clients, patients, families, guests, residents—whatever term you use at your organization), are more difficult than ever.  They have a wide range of thoughts and feelings about the pandemic and the incessant, ever-changing Covid-19 policies.  They are frustrated, tired and have little patience for the lack of staffing and burned-out team members they encounter. 

When recruitment problems, burnout, and customer dissatisfaction converge, everyone is miserable.  Leaders, clinicians, paraprofessionals, support staff lack compassion and energy.  Patients, clients, and family caregivers don’t get what they need, leading to poor outcomes, complaints, disappointment and anger.

If you are dealing with recruitment problems, burnout, and unhappy customers, what are you doing to improve the situation?  If you are one of the rare organizations who has managed to avoid this trifecta of troubles, what have you done to prevent it? 


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