Cruising through Caregiving

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"It is rare you come across a standout talent in the world of education and caregiver support like Jennifer. I have the pleasure of working with Jennifer and her company for many years, providing educational seminars for our family caregivers, staff and health care professionals that partner with Artis Senior Living. I have seen first hand how Jennifer's knowledge, passion and dedication to the field of caregiving and dementia single handedly has transformed the process of caring for a loved one with dementia. Jennifer has deep professional expertise, and it shows. Her presentations are engaging, heartfelt and intuitive. We often use her book, "Cruising Through Caregiving" as a support for those that don't have the opportunity to meet Jen in person. I am so appreciative of the partnership that we have and I will continue to use Jennifer for our educational seminars for years to come."

--Amy DePreker
Vice President, Sales & Marketing
Artis Senior Living

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