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Being Authentically Social In Healthcare

authentically social corey perlman customer service in healthcare patient experience recruitment retention social media Jan 25, 2024

Do you struggle with social media strategy at your organization? Or maybe for your personal profile? In healthcare, mental health, and senior living, it can be overwhelming to master this area of business!
Because I am a member of the National Speakers Association, I often get the opportunity to meet amazing speakers who are subject matter experts in all different areas. Last month, I was lucky enough to meet Corey Perlman, founder of Impact Social Media, a digital marketing firm. His new book, Authentically Social, is being released today. If you are one of the many leaders in health, mental health, or senior living who wants to make more of an impact with your digital presence, I highly recommend it. Here’s why I like it:
1. It’s not over my head or overwhelming. Most books on social media have made me feel like I have to “do everything” or be left behind. The new platform that just got released? Do I really have to join it to remain relevant? Corey answers this question in a way that de-escalated my social media stress!

2. The emphasis on being genuine. Ever get sick of looking at profiles that look perfect? Find yourself rolling your eyes at posts that are not relevant and are solely promotional? Corey helps you tap into the authenticity of your organization and your experiences so you can better connect with your audience.

3. Because the author owns a digital marketing firm, you are getting real guidance that has been demonstrated to help many organizations level up their social media impact.
Everyone in healthcare, mental health, and senior living is struggling to staff up, retain good employees, and improve service to clients and patients. A good social media plan can help you do just that!

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