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What Healthcare Can Learn From The Ritz-Carlton About Improving The Patient Experience by Guest Blogger Tayler Accurso

Apr 28, 2023

What Healthcare Can Learn From The Ritz-Carlton About Improving The Patient Experience  

When you are planning a vacation, what are the most important factors you consider when choosing the perfect hotel experience? For me, it's the excellent customer service and personal touches provided for the guest experience. The Ritz-Carlton is a leading brand in the hospitality industry, and for good reason! They are known for their customer service excellence and consistency. This includes their warm greetings, personalized language, and actively listening to their customers desires or needs.  

So, how does this relate to healthcare and the patient experience?  

Of course, a vacation is a lot different from a trip to the doctor’s office or hospital, but the same can be said about wanting a pleasant, consistent, and personal experience there too! As healthcare and mental health professionals, we should strive to make our patients feel welcome and important. This starts with a warm and personal greeting when they enter your establishment. During the experience, use language that is friendly,and in terms your clients will understand (no jargon!). Finally, listen to the client patient, so you can truly understand how they feel and what they need.   

Maybe healthcare and hospitality experiences aren’t so different after all  

Whether it is a special vacation or a trip to the doctor’s office, people want to feel important. The Ritz-Carlton has valuable lessons that all healthcare professionals should strive to uphold.  When we make individuals feel the respect, kindness, consistency, and acknowledgment they deserve, they are less stressed, happier and much easier to help! 

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